Welcome at the European EPC Competence Center (EECC)

GS1 Germany, Deutsche Post World Net, Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH and the METRO Group founded the EECC with the objective of establishing RFID technology and the Electronic Product Code (EPC) as an international, cross-sector standard within Europe. In 2005, the EECC became the first European test laboratory to become certified and to bear the title of ‘EPCglobal Performance Test Center’.

Since 2006 the EECC RFID Academy provides – in cooperation with the Auto ID Lab St Gallen/ETH Zürich and the RWTH International University knowledge in EPCIS, Auto ID, RFID and the required standards, software and architecture in such sectors.

Since 2007 the annual benchmark study “UHF Tag Performance Survey (UTPS)” is published by the EECC. With this study the EECC sets the worldwide standard in RFID transponder measurement. In 2008 the EECC added material-dependent modellings to the tag selection. Since 2009 a separate chapter about “On-Metal-Tags” was added to the UTPS. In 2010 the EECC was the first lab which run proximity measurements for each transponder.

Since 2011 tag manufacturers can certify the performance of their tags for certain applications.

Since 2009 the EECC impart knowledge about EPC networks and designs EPCIS solutions which are able to handle large quantities of serialized data in a efficient way.

In the field of “Software and traceability solutions” the EECC offers customized software for traceability and / or asset tracking in a supply chain, regardless of their detection medium (RFID, barcode, virtual).